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Add Color to The Summer and Life

Add Color to The Summer and Life

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Color is a universal statement, it activates people, emotions, cultures and shapes life. Life is enriched by colors that both energize and boost the spirit. It has a wide spectrum that corresponds to all kinds of moods. It is an undeniable fact that colors influence people’s moods. Colors have been employed in every aspect of life such as media, decoration, marketing, treatment etc since time immemorial. The use of colors for treatment goes back to the Egyptian and Chinese civilizations. Chromotherapy known as the color therapy has been utilized in curing and treating people, and is now being used as an alternative therapy method. Moreover, according to a study, placebo pills with hot colors are more efficient than those pills with cold colors.

To elaborate the effects of colors;

Black: Being light-absorbent, the color black increases pessimism as a symbol of loneliness, sorrow, anxiety and distress. As it is considered to be the color of death by some societies, it also represents mourning. Black is considered to be the symbol of evil as well. On the other hand, black also signifies nobility, power, passion, dignity and desire. It creates a mystical atmosphere.

White: Encompassing all colors, white is the symbol of innocence, purity and cleanliness. Expressing nobility, stability and continuity, white gives people peace. It is also used as the color of mourning by some communities. Spaces dominated by white are perceived as roomy and capacious. White is considered as a balancing and complementing color.

Blue: The most commonly observed color on earth, blue conveys peace, freedom and eternity. It has a restful and comforting effect. Those who love this color are orderly, calm, reliable and loyal people. Blue has a comforting effect on the eyes. A darker blue may evoke distress while a lighter hue may be associated with loneliness.

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Red: The hottest of colors, red expresses youth, dynamism and action. It makes people emotionally happy, determined and driven. It is considered as the symbol of determination and power. Red makes people enthusiastic, it causes them to be active.

Yellow: Yellow is a symbol of joy, light and productivity. It inspires people, makes them joyful and enthusiastic. It can express both liveliness and sorrow. As it has two different effects, it may confuse the mind. For this reason, it is not suitable for work rooms and rest areas.

Green: Green symbolizes nature and is a source of peace and comfort. It gives confidence and inner peace. It evokes a sense of youth and liveliness. It stimulates people to be harmonious and balanced. 

Purple: Evoking feelings of nobility, wealth and luxury, purple enhances imagination. It is a color that increases concentration and enthuses. People who prefer this color care about spirituality, are magnanimous and dignified.

Navy blue: This color is influential in enhancing senses and facilitating decisions. It is considered as the color of thought. It is not a flamboyant color. It is a symbol of authority and eternity. Navy blue is a color that makes people feel charismatic. 


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