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The Happiness That The Spring Brings

The Happiness That The Spring Brings

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As Ernest Hemingway said, “When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happiest”, the coming of the spring means the arrival of change and renewal, the twinkle of joy...

Spring is the reason for the happiness that starts with the change in nature and that spreads throughout our bodies and characters.

It is in fact the nicest mood modifier bestowed to us by the nature. It increases our happiness, energy and self-awareness.

Getting rid of thick cloths and wearing thinner clothing make us feel more comfortable and freer.

The transition from darker colored clothing to lighter colored ones is yet another source of happiness for all of us.

Family in nature

How can the extension of days at first followed by the increase in temperatures, the piping of birds and the flowering of the trees have such positive effects on humans? 

  1. Staying outside on sunny days improves our mood.
    According to a study conducted at the University of Michigan on 2014, staying outside for a minimum of 30 minutes daily when the weather is nice decreases the stress levels and increases productivity.
  2. However, we should not stay outside too long in sunny weather.
    We should remember that excessive exposure to the sunlight may cause dehydration, sunstroke and heart attacks in persons under risk.
  3. The lengthening days cheer us up.
  4. We may be prone to mood changes.
    It is reported that seasonal affective disorders are less commonly seen in summer and spring when compared to winter.
  5. Fine weather stimulates hormones.
    In a study conducted in Europe, it was observed that the number of births increases by 10% in the month of March. It is concluded that testosterone and estrogen hormones are above average in the month of June.
  6. Spring and summer allow us to exercise more.
  7. Fine weather improves creativity.
    In a study conducted by the University of Michigan, it is concluded that fine weather has positive effects on memory and cognitive functions and also enhances creativity.


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