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Extracts and Combinations

extracts and combinations

Medicinal plants are priceless sources of bioactive compounds, and despite the contemporary progresses in pharmaceuticals and drug developments, they remain a major source of medicine.

During past few years, as a result of intense concern about all aspects of ecology, there has been a renewed interest in natural drugs. In recent past, many works have been carried out in the field of plant-based medicine.

Herbal remedies that have demonstrable therapeutic activities have provided a potential against to pharmaceuticals and deserve increased attention.

Zade Vital extracts and combinations

Extracts represent naturally occurring phytochemicals that have been extracted from the inert structural material of the plant that produced them.

Check these to understand the quality of herbal extracts?

  • High quality raw material
  • The correct properties of the finished product
  • High quality manufacture at GMP standards
  • Stability

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