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Conceptual Supplementation Series

conceptual supplementations

In the new era of nutrition, there arouses different needs for supplementation as well. “One for all” concept doesn’t work anymore. Supplementation should be targeted, personalized and CONCEPTUAL.

With the idea of conceptual supplementation, Zade Vital Concept Series brings a dynamic approach to healthy life style management. Stratified according to the needs of some special group of people, the Concept Series is the supplementation of future, combining the natural power of seeds with innovation where 4IN1 packaging opens the doors of healthy life.

Zade Vital conceptual supplementation series

In concept series the innovation is in the package. The award winning perforated blister pack gives the opportunity to use 4 different capsules at the same time or whenever you want. You can either take morning, noon, afternoon and evening or two in the morning two in the evening or even two one day, two the other day. This easy to use, travel friendly products would make the usage of multiple supplements easier. You won’t need to carry 4 different packages at the
same time.

The concept series, which are the first steps to personalized supplementation, would allow you to choose the right combination of supplementation according to your risks and needs.

From Concept Sport to Concept Cardio, you will have the chance to choose form 12 different products

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