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Zade & Zade Vital Avicenna R&D Center

A multidisciplinary research and development environment collaborating with leading universities and institutions

The R&D Center, which serves with central laboratories equipped with high technology devices, is located in the Zade Global manufacturing facilities.

In the Center where new product studies and patent obtaining procedures are carried out for nutritional supplements, drugs and food, especially natural products, prototype and pilot trials can be performed under GMP standards.

With the technological infrastructure provided by the devices from Japan, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Korea, Italy and England, 189 different analyzes can be performed in 3 different units.

  • General Chemistry Laboratory (General Chemistry Instrumental Analysis/ General Wet Chemistry Analysis)
  • Microbiological Laboratory
  • R&D Laboratories (R&D Instrumental/R&D Wet Laboratories)

The R&D center in cooperation with many international and national institutions provides service to the industry of pharmaceutical, chemical, food, feed, agriculture, agriculture, veterinary, pharmacy, medicine, food supplements, biotechnology, medical aromatic plants and environment.

Zade Vital Natural Products Research and Application Center DUAMER

A cutting-edge laboratory and pilot production center

DUAMER is multi-center R&D and P&D cooperation project of Zade Global. Research and development studies for endemic, medical, aromatic and oil seed plants are carried out in the R&D center and these studies are transformed into products by Zade Global.

Product groups developed at DUAMER are as follow:

  • Traditional herbal medicinal products
  • Aromatherapy products
  • Cosmetic and dermocosmetic products
  • Natural medicine

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