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Supportive Care Mix Series

mixed for healthy life

“Mix Series” is a combination of cold pressed seed oils, omega 3 fish oil and vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts. Designed as a two-color capsule, mixed series give the ease of use by choosing the best option for your self.

Zade Vital supportive care mix series

Mostly developed for support of a specific condition, “Mix Series” is recognizable by its colors. The combinations are developed according to the synergy between the ingredients and also a specific attention was taken by means of any incompatibilities.

Zade Vital supportive care mix series product family

“Mix Series” is also specific due to its packaging. On the contrary to many supplements these products are placed in the shelves as a library style where each supplement is placed showing its back part. Thus it attracts the consumer via the shelve placement and colorful approach. 


Double color technology

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