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Zade Vital produces supplementation mainly from natural sources. The natural power of seeds from Mediterrenean, Aegean and Black Sea regions leads to the innovative products mainly produced with cold press.

With 106 different product types and 380 different product forms, it supports to feel better in every period of life from childhood to slow down aging effects, to protect from diseases, to gain power and energy, to protect health and to get older healthfully. Zade Vital aims to reduce treatment costs as well as help to increase health status.

The Importance of Cold Press Method

The materials that our bodies can not produce and that have to be taken from outside sources are called essentials. The Cold Press method for the extraction of oil from seeds enables the essential fatty acids Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 to directly pass to the oil as no heat or chemical substances are applied during the process.

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