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Allergy Season and How Supplements Can Help (Sinus and Headache Issues)

Allergy Season and How Supplements Can Help (Sinus and Headache Issues)

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Your immune system creates antibodies to fight off foreign substances so you don’t get sick. Sometimes your system will identify a substance as harmful, even though it isn’t. When this happens, it’s called an allergic reaction.

Left untreated, seasonal allergy symptoms cause miserable symptoms, affect day-to-day activities and can spur asthma attacks. Approximately 80 percent of people with asthma suffer from seasonal allergies. Treating hay fever symptoms can reduce asthma–related hospitalizations and emergencies.

Allergy symptoms make you feel simply awful. Congestion, post-nasal drip, itchy eyes and sneezing wear your body down. While the severity of symptoms of allergic rhinitis vary widely from season to season, chances are if you have seasonal allergies, the symptoms impact your day-to-day life.

Black cumin seed oil is a natural food supplement recommended for allergic symptoms. For example, one robust experimental study found that supplementing with black seed oil for 30 days was able to lower all the subjective indications of allergies. This includes outcomes like sneezing, congestion, nasal itching and a runny nose. In contrast, those effects weren’t seen with the placebo.


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