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A Global Healthy Living Brand

A Global Healthy Living Brand

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I always write articles with referenced based on scientific facts. Today, I will be writing a column with an abundance of scientific basis and very powerful references. I will tell you about how we have created a Healthcare Brand. This is a very important story. Why? Because countries are only as powerful as their brands. This is the title of Mr. Nur Demirok’s column in the Para Magazine issued on the week of 29 May-4 June 2016. There are some very important statements in this article. Mr. Demirok said “Countries are not tangible but represent a visible population”. In yet another section of the article, he stated “If a country is capable of creating brands that are solid enough to activate the sensoria of societies, then the brands create the country”. We now have brands that represent us abroad, that do us credit. We are proud of them. Our greatest wish is to have more of them. However, when it comes to healthcare we do not have an internationally recognized healthy living brand. Based on this statement, we as Helvacızade are growing our Zade Vital brand as a global healthy living brand. Brands are really like children. They need pains and effort to grow. You must take constant care of them, monitor their growth and plan for their future. While doing all these, you must also treat them very delicately and fiercely preserve the brand image.

A brand’s journey is a long process. First and foremost, you should build up trust and loyalty in the people of your own country. If your brand consists of a product, you should develop strategies for numerous aspects ranging from its quality to its presentation and make the brand grow by utilizing the correct tactics. Innovation is the keyword for any brand. If your brand is an innovative product it may potentially grow fast. But growing fast is also a painful process. Each growth takes its own time. Just like issues experienced when a baby is born without reaching full term, you may face the same issues with your brand. The team creating the brand and making it grow must be very experienced. They must be capable of going forward throughout the process without wearing down.

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If your business involves healthcare, then your guidelines must be stricter by several times. You must progress on a scientific basis and by always remembering the principle of “Primum non nocere (First, do no harm)” You must never forget that the brand you have created enhances the quality of life and extends the life of people. You must ensure the highest level of productivity at each point from your raw materials to your production site, your employees and managers without compromising quality. While doing all this, you must rely on common sense. Your power should be promoted not only by your infrastructure and your knowledge, but also by the power of scientific organizations. You should not sacrifice the values you have established while setting out on your journey.

I am sure that you will also be proud to see that a healthy living product that you pick up in a pharmacy or healthcare market abroad is of Turkish origin. It is to experience this pride that we keep working 7 days and 24 hours in Konya, Istanbul and Izmir. Our greatest proponent is people like you who give importance to their health and who rely on a local brand to enhance their quality of life and to live a longer and healthier life. Let’s not forget, “Countries are only as powerful as their brands”.

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